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Beach Finds From Louis Vuitton

February 7, 2011

No more feeling blue over February’s winter weather.  Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2011 in Capri is the oh la la of today!   Bon Voyage winter and “Hello” chic coastal living!


Beach Finds Valentines Day Count Down

February 3, 2011





A chic coastal Valentine’s day is in the planning stages at Beach Finds.   Let’s face it, dinning out is  never really romantic on  Valentines day.  Over crowded restaurant’s, with wait staff  personnel listening in over every romantic word your valentine wishes to express.   Beach Finds suggest, planning a Valentines  dinner for  a seriously romantic Valentines evening.   Set a theme and plan your shopping lists now.   May we suggest decorating with this year Pantone’s color of the year: Honeysuckle Pink!  The color Honeysuckle Pink says, we  are hopeful and pink satisfies  many of our senses.   It’s easy to be romantic when your living at the beach.   Now add some love to this experience by planning and setting your table now.   We love classic oversized European flatware from Rosanna’s Napoleon flat wear collection from our Beach House Shop. Planning ahead may help  you order a few place settings and tabletop finds in time for your chic coastal valentines day table.   Flowers should be a focus and ordered in advance as well.   The best part of this Valentines Day Beach fun is “you” being the Valentine of the evening.  Having a Valentine Dinner at your beach home makes planning for Valentines day fun, sexy and special.  Be excited, this is one day you can plan for you and your Man to enjoy.   Shop for the perfect fashionable beach find.  We’re so excited to wearing  a chic sexy, pink  Jason Wu dress.   We know our man will go ” Wu Wu.”

Photo Credit: Birch

Beauty And The Beach

January 28, 2011

Time to party! Paint the town pink! It’s our birthday and time for a little jolt!

How fabulous is Chanel?

A gift that will give a birthday girl a awakening to all the new possibilities of  change.

On a birthday one must certainly have Veuve Clicquot’s in the room.

Party at the beach house.  There’s a reason to toast !

I urge you to “Come together” with your friends, family and even strangers on the beach. And  in doing so, keep in mind the value of the sincere, honest connections that life has brought you.

Fast Cars And Chic Coastal Living

January 21, 2011


A sports car at the beach is like couture that fits well.  Chic coastal living requires a beach find, of a thoroughbred sports car for the perfect coastal life.  After all, fashion and sports cars are the supreme combination of  the luxury beach life!   We love the elegance  the Aston Martin thoroughbred sports car brings to our ocean home life.   This is a sports car and beach find with comfort, character, luxury, and refinement.  Combining  Aston Martin’s unique character with your chic coastal life, is a design philosophy mixed with  tradition, craftsmanship,  high-tech manufacturing.  Add your driver, a curvy coastal road, sun, and your finest beach fashions.  We guarantee this beach find is shorely chic.

Beach Finds From Brooks Brothers

January 13, 2011

So we’re packing our bags to head to warm sunny resorts and beaches.  After all “Summer is a verb.”   And in case you do not follow fashion, Preppy chic is back in a big way!   So pack your top siders and Brooks Brothers because their Spring 2011 collection is OMG so perfect for resorting.   Beach Finds shorely knows, when you dress in American Made clothes from Brooks Brothers, your entire world shines.   So hurry get packing!  And  just wait till you have cocktails, with Chip and Buffy who will be busy telling everybody else.   Besides those beautiful resort photo’s you post on your  Facebook where you’ll be looking, oh so good!

Photo Credit: Brooks Brothers Facebook

Back To L.A.

January 6, 2011

If you have ever lived in LA your probably familiar with LA Song by Beth Hart .   A year ago we  packed our bags and said,  “Man I gotta get outta this town,  Outta this town & out of L.A.”   Now its January, the time of year where  the sun shines in LA,  Hollywood comes alive, and our Angeleno friends are celebrating.   On the East Coast you choose trends wisely, but in LA  there’s a pressure and a feel to wear every trend your see on celebrities.  So friends if you are heading to LA, Beach Finds suggest packing clothing that make you feel sexy, puts your body at its best and allows you to have fun.   Long  is the trend of Spring 2011, so we are packing  two Fendi dresses from the 2011 Ready to Wear Collection.  Both are perfect for the beach and lunch power LA business Lunches at the Ivy.   Yes we’re going back to L.A.  to  Casa Del Mar on the beach in Santa Monica.   We’ll rent a bike, on the beach and keep  in  mind that trends have their place, and they don’t belong everywhere.  Except in LA.

Photo Credits: Style Section LA

Palm Beach Holidays

December 20, 2010



A beach house in Palm Beach and our love of Lilly Pulitzer tropical prints, sent our fabulous decorator Babs into action.  Lilly Pulizter is all about color and bringing fashion looks into the home.  We love that Lilly Pulitzer is already kind of timeless and they’re just classic things.   We  shared our love of color, and the vision of a beach house being beach classic with the joie de vivre that Lilly Pulitzer brings to the beach home.   Here you have the traditions of the fifty year old Lilly Pulitzer  and the beach finds of Garnet Hills’ Lilly Pulizter blithely spirited collection of bed and bath.   We all know a Babs, she is one of those of a certain pedigree, that  is quite certain when creating the beach house decor to personify the zesty Lilly style and zest for living.    And we’re so exciting about the beach finds of Lilly Pulitzer upcoming home furnishing  collection!  The new furniture collection is classic, timeless, innovative and colorful!  With all the great fabrics of Lilly Pulitzer and the happening in Palm beach, these beach finds will have anyone feeling like they are living in a luxury resorts!

Photo Credits:  Casa Sugar, Garnet Hill, Marie Claire