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I try to remain unbiased and honest in my appraisal of all facets of the product and services.

A product review or a personal travel experience is just that: personal and subjective.  My goal is to provide to my readers an accurate and honest description and/or review which is true according to my experience, taste, and expectations.  I am under no obligation to anyone or any company.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I inform you if I should receive compensation in the form of a “freebie” for any reviews.  It may be paid for by the the manufacture, resort or hotel, cruise line or a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  Transportation to/from the product being reviewed is at my own expense.

When I receive such compensation, it will be noted at the end of the review. Thank you for reading my blog and trusting that what I write is of my own volition.

Link to the FTC Disclosure of Material Connections

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