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Cool Thoughts Of Fall Fashions

July 23, 2010

Thursday night Beach Finds stepped out in Chicago, the windy city with Oak Street Beach.  Spending the day inspired by Interior Design and talking fall trends with designer friends.   A Beach find on an over cast day in Chicago is lunch at RL immediately followed by shopping at the Ralph Lauren store.

Who doesn’t love Ralph Lauren?   The sound of  laughter fills the 3rd floor, the laugh of a woman who unself-consciously enjoys her life.   Who manaveurs herself through airports, breezing through a gauntlet of  crowded city streets and  heads to the newsstand to get her weekly fill of Fashion Magazines.  She lives her life well, because she  know who she is.   Her fashion taste goes down as smoothly as her Pinot noir.

She stays at the Pennisula Hotel, Chicago’s finest Hotel where Ralph Lauren is the appropriate look for evening.  She natural so she dresses boho babe gets glammed up,  channeling a young Stevie Nicks and she stepped out on the town in  her Ralph Lauren fall dress.   Upon her late night return to the Pennisula Bar, she imagined  herself in a black sleek and mysterious number she saw for fall.    One night-cap and a bit of   juicy gossip, she looks  dramatic, she is told when a paparazzi snapped a  photo.  So Cool, are our thoughts of fall.

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